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Something Real

Album: Something Real




Alt. Rock


A sincere and subtly aggressive track with thoughtful socio-political lyrics.

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The people gathered to hear the children sing another song promoting hedonism and they clapped to the sound of societies morality fading away. They believe since they believe, Heaven is guaranteed. All of these mistranslations contribute to the death in the nations. If only their pineal glands weren’t calcified by the brain damaging poison in the water supply than maybe they’d get what’s happening. The people gathered to hear their leaders speech, another lie to justify a war crime and they clapped to the sound of societies morality fading away. I watched the notebook movie with my girlfriend at the time. It was the scene she cheats on her fiancé with her past lover and I cried to the sound of the melody romanticizing their immorality. Sing it loud. Sing it louder. The music seemed to fool me about her. Somebody sing to me. The music of this world is diseased. I’m deleting all the songs of all the bands of whose music has been dead since the fall of man and I want to hear something real so let them sing this song for the next school concert, so let them sing to interrupt excuses for war crimes.

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