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This is Life






you never know what life is going to throw at you! I guess the message would be, go for your dreams but don't be too discouraged if they don't always pan out! ( "you can't always get what you want") try to be content with what is, for now, but don't give up on your dreams. It's something to hold on to! You never know how things will turn out.That's life!

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I'm not waiting on anyone. Seems it always takes too long and then they never come when you need someone like I need you. I get tired of just holding on. I pay the bills 'til the money's gone I just want to play my song all day long when I'm feeling blue Get me high when I'm feeling low I'll get by if I don't let go of my dreams...makes life worth living! People taking what they can get But I still haven't got mine yet I won't think twice when I roll the dice and take the bet. Don't care too much about growing old It makes you wiser or so I'm told. And if I never hold that pot of gold hey I won't fret The bottom line is Life's on borrowed time.. you got yours and I got mine... This is life and I'm right here in it This is life and I'm gonna live it This is life so don't forget it I can't complain but sometimes I still do It gets me nowhere don't I know it's true But here I am with no big plans haven't got a clue! I learned to take it as it comes and goes It's so hard to make it, got to keep on your toes.. Well I suppose everybody knows "That's Life" that's the way it goes I'm doing fine just keeping time When all the world don't seem to rhyme... This is life I'm right here in it This is life and I'm gonna live it This is life don't forget it This is life I'm right here in it Ohhh this is life!!!

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