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Hatchet Blues

Album: Hatchet Blues
Mike Hallal Band






You can bury the hatchet, you can bury the ax You can bury the hatchet, but it don't change the act You can bury the hatchet, 6 feet underground But you know it's still, it's still there, when you're done Now you say to forgive, to forgive is divine You say to forget, that’s human, just a matter of mind You say to forgive, is a gift, a gift come from God But I say No No, it's the other way around You can go way too far, you can cross a line You can make up your plot and fire a shot that echoes thru time You can bury the body in its coat, and cover it with lies And I may forgive, but won't forget, till I die Something's rotten in Denmark and down here in Deer Cove Something's rotten all over and down deep in my soul Every heart has a hole, every heart has a hole With its own hatchet, buried deep, long ago

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