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Don't Turn Around

Album: Life Leaving Its Mark




I'm tired of being the one you leave and keep coming back to. This is my ultimatum song.

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You're a ball on a string Throwing yourself out of love Then bouncing back again You think you can do this all you want I'm tired of hearing "I'm sorry's" And "I didn't mean to's" In all your "last time" stories Well baby here's a "last time" story for you Chorus- If you're gonna leave me now don't turn around Cause I can't spend my life waiting on you If you're gonna leave me now don't turn around Cause I won't be here if you do I'm no ball on a chain I'm not trying to tie you down But baby don't you think That I deserve more than what your handing out Girl you know that I love you But you make it hard to When you're always running Well if you're gonna run tonight Baby don't come running back Chorus If you're gonna love me Love me like you need it Say it Say it like you mean it Kiss me Kiss me like you feel it Chorus

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