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Yeah Yeah Yeah

Album: Underbelly




Indie Rock


What everyone says, when they're tired of listening to somebody's nonsense.

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Yeah Yeah Yeah Vs.-1 Sorry’s all you say? You’re sayin I deserve it You slept with him What will I say, when I open my big mouth Well, here it is… I’m sick of replayin it in my mind I’m sure it’s a real good time Just don’t come to me with your excuses Chorus Yeah Yeah Yeah Is what I say when I’m tired of the lies Stop messin with my mind I’m gonna say it to ya one more time Yeah Yeah Yeah What’s the use, when there’s nothin more to say Don’t be thinkin it’s okay Cause I ain’t listenin, baby, go away Vs.-2 Oh, God, here you come. You’ve got a brand new story And you’re tryin it out “Hey girl, I’m no fool, and sorry’s just not workin now… I’m getting out.” I’m sick of replayin it in my mind I’m sure it’s a good, good time Seems like things just fall apart, I fall apart Chorus Change Ooh, maybe I’m intoxicated So maybe tonight I think, “hey it’s alright” I won’t put up a fight If it feels alright, it’s alright Chorus

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