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International Laww




VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Note: No one was injured during the filming of this project. TYPE Media was pleased to partner with American hip hop artist The Real Laww to produce his music video, "International Laww", which is the 2012 Carolina Music Awards' Video of the Year. See the video now. Artist: @TheRealLaww Director: @Johnny_J_Jones Track Producer: @4Toon

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Verse 1: She wanted time so i bought her a Jacob/ Said she wanted a ring, so i gave her a razor// Louis Vuitton, Prada to coordinate with her make up/ Pancakes when she wakes up, night cap fore we lay up// Made her same my name 3 ways fore i came/ (John, Laww, God) I had her So thats when i changed the game up/ started stayin out late, while she waits by the razor// sayin' "Honey I'm home" she irate throwing vases/ Told her i needed space she asks "what you afraid of// Its commitment isn't it?", No bitch its they phases/ its like you're on your constant cycle of rage/ changing stages, always aggravated expalinin to me that i never ever made ya// happy, elated. Attitude I'm hatin'/ I gave you everything but you thinkin I'm playin' ya// Verse 2: Respect for my seed keeps me from cheatin/ don't want'em to see me being with any skeezer// as my father did to me, thinkin many women will please ya/ It'll only leave ya broke with more mouths to feed// You sittin there thinkiin I'm a leave ya/ Cuz I do this music thing and I meet a lot of people// Females blow up my cell/ and when i leave i'm not goin to a motel// I do shows, you've been once before and you already know/ when its all over, i just come straight home// to hear you bitch and moan, let me lay my dome/ you know i gotta wake up a 4// Do throw the phone and stop slammin the door/ the baby's tryin to rest so what you grabbin me for// I never, slapped you before, but i'm so overwhelmed/ you walking on the boarder line of me goin to jail// its crazy... Verse 3: I never thought it would end up like this/ with you fallin and me with balled up fist// holes in the walls, you crawling on your ribs/ baby bawling from watchin all that he did// my eye tear up, denial starts kickin in/ I try to hold you but you steal off on my chin// Who did this to you and wear does he live/ you point to the wall, He's in there with the kid// So i bust down the door flicked on the light and sniff/ see the bathroom door closed i scream, come out bitch// Son yellin in the background, tell'em to shut his trap now/ Get the bat ready to swing it up on this cat// BLOOOW The door crashed down, but no one's to be found/ I scream, NO ONE'S HERE, she yells, LOOK AROUND// I turn on the light just to make everything clearer/ the only thing i saw was myself in the mirror// Damn

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