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They Just Want Your Money




Modern Rock


You must be mad mad or stupid You’ve just been had there ain’t no Cupid Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus fairy tales should give you pause You must be dumb dumb or crazy Your mind is numb numb or lazy Can’t you see they’re scamming you? Come on, Buddy get a clue Chorus: This scam’s been here since time began they just want your money, man The same old pigs are at the trough they’re just trying to rip you off You must be dense dense or screwy It makes no sense it’s all just hooey They’re selling you a fantasy it ain’t real, just let it be Chorus We all have our dreams and need something that redeems But these double dealing scheme are destructive by extremes You need help some medication You should yelp in accusation You’re heading for complete demise please don’t buy their pack of lies Chorus

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