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Music video for The Hollow Sound's single 'Panopticon.' This video was created entirely by the band themselves. 'Panopticon' is available now on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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What do see Through all of your eyes Oh you’ve got them everywhere What can I say That’s not a surprise That’s merely original What can I do To convince you Not just a stunt to shock or please Who can I be Oh I implore you Otherwise I’ll just keep on being me (pre-chorus) You see the mountains huge and out of reach You see the sky’s expanse engulfing me You even have the vastness of the sea And it bores you (chorus) So Say that you believe in something That you’re good enough to build That you’re good enough to keep on fighting Say that you’ll be with me always 'Cause I can’t face forever solo This duet will let me live another day If I could move Into your mind Inside your panopticon If I could see What would I find? The answer eternal If I could know What makes your heart grow Would I even be willing If I could live Only for you Would I find that I have nothing to give (pre-chorus) (chorus) If I could move into your mind yeah If I could look into your world If I could read your mind then I would be unstoppable Learn all your secrets 'cause my love it is insatiable If I could sink into your skin and see through your eyes Then I would whisper: You belong to me (chorus)

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