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Life Is Gonna Be Great!

Album: Life Is Gonna Be Great! (single)
Angela Predhomme






An optimistic, bouncy pop song about looking forward to the future and taking control of your life to make it the best it can be.

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Life is Gonna Be Great! Life is gonna be great (gray ay ay ay ate) Can't you see, I just radiate (ray ay ay ay diate) Now I'm dustin' off my wings I'll go hovering high up there 'Cause now I've shaken off the weight I don't need and I'm free and clear Without any fear (Chorus) Here I go 'cause my life's taking off There's no ceiling, I broke down the walls I'm on fire, I can't be rattled I'm on top, I've won my battles Here I go 'cause my life's taking off (Verse 2) In myself I've got faith (fay ay ay aith) Dreams are meant to be chased (chay ay ay ay ased) Bright red carpet's rolling out Things unfolding so naturally And now I'm revving up for These days to come so excitedly No limits on me (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) Oh, how I've waited for this to come around Been such a long time coming, I'm ready now (Repeat Chorus) © 2012 Come Shine Music, SESAC; Jr. Flip Music, ASCAP

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