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Top of the World

Album: Baby Blue Jeans (to be released 2011)
Stevi Marie & Jackson Road






When you love someone so much, but no matter what you do you'll never be good enough for them. Whether you're in a relationship made up of a girlfriend/boyfriend, marriage, or family relationship (siblings/mother/father/grandparents). Whatever you do isn't good enough, as the person you love doesn't respect your feelings and/or ideas and is always above you. The song questions the behavior, but there is no explanation. It's just the way it is.

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Intro/ You never once had the generosity to spare on me You're always on top of the world Vs1/ When you find the one and take advantage Her heart will fall and vanish You'll close your eyes to the damage Why when you find The one of your dreams You hesitate you stutter and scream You act as if you're not in need Whatever it takes to feel complete Chorus/ But you're always on top of the world Looking down on me You're always begging for A little sympathy Expecting it from me You never once had the generosity To spare on me You're always on top of the world You're always on top of the world Vs2/ For all your life you've been a star Fancy clothes Well even an expensive car Not to mention your a sweet heart I've revolved around Your golden gates Hoping maybe one fine day I'd find the key to unlock your ways We'd sit and talk about Our common traits Repeat Chorus Bridge/ How can you stand in the cold When you're so helpless and all alone All you ever needed Was to get control It's an endless cycle that you behold An endless cycle you behold Repeat Chorus

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