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Oh Happy Day (Gisella featuring JunSix)

By: JunSix






Buzz single written and produced by JunSix. Gisella soulfully sings her praises to God over the Fugees "Ready or Not" track while JunSix backs her with powerful lyrics about defending his faith.

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...Take time to be holy only focus solely on what he told me You chose to bleed for me so now I speak boldly cuz His word promise spiritually I could be Kobe... sin will slave you go ahead and be Toby...think you Free but he chained up and he's lonely let's escape sleepwalk awake. Those who correlate know the world ain't cake Verse 1: Oooh! See I’m so in love…with everything He does… the way He gives me everything I need… truth! In every word. It’s so infallible and it’s a lamp and light unto my feet… Prechorus: no one can do what you do. Save the lost with your love. I just can’t see no one else. Find true peace from above. Chorus: There's nothing that you can do or say. I made up mind I came to praise. He gave up his life and I'm amazed. Oh Happy day. Oh Happy day. The devil may try to find a way and tell me that I don't have to pray. But this is the day the Lord hath made. Oh Happy Day oh happy day. Rap: in front of enemies my table is set and I rest MO stress if you don’t confess yes I find myself regularly engaged in arguments. Conflicts on whether or not my Creator exists. He has the world in his fists. Drew the stars in the sky. Hearts beat as we sleep. The Shepherd knows his sheep. Keep fighting cause we see all of the evil in our face never understanding immeasurable grace. So don’t mind me as I devour wack emcees for an hour over beats to just to give praise to my strong tower wave the banner even it make an atheist salty maybe they will learn their worth and become the salt of the earth. Ask me why we take persecution? For simply relaying the problem AND the solution pardon the intrusion. The devil complicates everything to make they world deny the King but God is NOT the author of confusion--- it’s simple! Verse 2: Trouble comes my way! Devil tries to make me crazy, say maybe God is not around oh yeah… but everywhere you go His creation shows He made me and saved me. You can’t hide from His love oh no. Pre-chorus Chorus

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