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The Patient ( Blood mix)

Album: Sugarfree




Alt. Rock


This is an alternate mix of the HIdden Track (12) on the november "sugarfree" cd...The Patient ( Blood mix) Haunting and intense , melodic with a vibe - (Also an acoustic version is available.)

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The Patient (Hidden track on sugarfree) (Michael Dale) Dress me all in sparkles What am I to do? I know I don’t belong here, but fate fades truth orange Taste the finest candies Red and green and blue Learn to sing a sad song and the words came true Yea the words came true, darling I always need someone to say that they love me Washing the wonderful away I know that the bottom is when I’m on my knees Black cloud will follow me around Too far, gone to be let down Guess it will always be this way…. Stay Draw the shades and curtains Devil’s running free No matter where I hide He still finds me, shaking Spin me round in circles Laugh when I fall down Hold me under water And watch me drown Yea you’ll watch me drown, won’t ya I know you need a story Posing as my friend But your day of glory Is the day I end

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