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Album: Damage




Modern Rock


A song about an emotional damage we all experience at one time or another in our lives. Feelings of doubt, worthlessness may be obsessive but at the same time we dream about the way we wish our lives could be. A more strait forward rock song for Anti-M that takes Barbara Moseleys' beautiful voice and contrasts it with the over processed and industrial voice of Keyboardist John "Wedge" Wardlaw during the chorus. Lyrics Written by John Wardlaw / Music By Wardlaw / b. Moseley / j. Moseley

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Music by Wardlaw, B. Moseley, J. Moseley Lyrics by Wardlaw In the dancing dawn she’s dreaming of a hero in disguise But when she wakes up screaming She's alone within her mind And her thoughts keep on cascading Through the echoes of her past How long will she keep dreaming How long will this day last Damaged by my innocence Damaged by my pride Beaten by my vanity Hurt by Endless lies The midday sun it warms her Like a goddess from above but the cold wind blows right through her and it leaves her with no love The days she can remember of a time when she was free And the promise of forever And the future never seen Damaged by my frailty damaged by my sin Damaged by naivety the end will now begin What happened to my honor What happened to my pride What happened to my dignity it chased the love that died So the sunset brings the shadows And the moon it brings the stars But sunsets never linger And the sadness isn't’t far So when she wakes from dreaming And when the day is done Her mind will still be dancing In the dawning of the sun

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