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Onward and Upward

Album: A Band for all Seasons Vol.3: Spring
The Bastard Suns






Onward! Always upward, the only direction thats worth a fuck. Always moving forward, we'll reach the promised land with a little luck. We never asked for private jets, Las Vegas bets or fancy cars, we just wanna keep our heads above water singin our songs and playin our guitars. And i know that theres a price to pay because we pay it gladly every day. But no matter what you think or what you've heard its onward and always upward. Onward! Always upward. In times of loss just look at what we've gained. One step before the other, and through it all our drive and strength remain. We never wanted red carpets or velvet ropes at swanky clubs, we just want to move the crowd, slapping the bass and banging on the drums. And we may not have a chance in hell but we love what we do and we do it well. So even though some might think it absurd, its onward and always upward.

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