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Train Wreck






I can’t take it anymore we’re both one foot out the door The motions we go through, it’s easier to do ‘Cause we’re so comfortable You have gotten used to my ways And I am used to you It’s not easy to fold and let go But this love has grown stale and it’s old and we’re cold And I’m tired of living a lie So baby let’s wreck this train We don’t want to stay You might as well have stayed at home in Ohio You haven’t said a word to me in sixty miles Even if you had it would be how was your night And the weather’s pretty nice right? Well I’m tired of having nothing to say So tired of living on a different page Our crash is long overdue So you let go and I’ll let go too Let’s wreck this train We don’t want to stay Let’s leave the pieces and let’s walk away I promise we won’t feel any pain If we can just wreck this Though we’ve been through hell and though you know me so well I don’t want to take this I just cannot fake this If you think we’re really happy then you don’t know happiness I’m seeing through you, I’m seeing through all of this Open you’re eyes it’s not a surprise that we’re both about ready to break Bored to tears Can we ignore our fears? And let go of these years And just gotta walk away I don’t want to take this I just cannot fake this This mundane, insane, same old game So let’s wreck this train La da da da…

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