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Indie Pop


After recording Absentee in a commercial saw company warehouse in Minneapolis, Jack Campbell got some friends to crash his grad party and make a video that has been described by some as "the Brady Bunch on acid".

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love without anxiety it's like love, except you're free and I can't go back they'll eat me alive if it came to that i wouldn't even try and that would be it for me my heart's another absentee (i'm there for no one) it's not like anyone would give a damn and i'm trying to stick it to freud i'm lying low and i'm filling that void with anything that i can show to prove i'm not a waste of space i don't need you to be proud of me i just want to you to see what i can do when you leave love without the wobbly knees it may not be as exciting but i'd take it any day i prefer the lower heart rate that comes to me when i'm with my family and that could be anyone for all i care i just don't wanna be alone i might cause myself a loss of blood or a loss of hair but you can never make me pick up the phone but that doesn't mean your love has got to be lost on me

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