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Climbed a Mountain




Traditional Country / Roots


Climbed a Mountain @ country western/folk song If you ever climbed a mountain, If you’ve ever seen the sun, If you’ve ever looked for answers, As the days just seem to run, If you smile against the wind, On a cold & foggy day, If you’ve ever starred your life, And it seemed to be out of place, If you’re wondering for some answers, If you try and find a place, If you look inside yourself, You will find another place. Cords—4 count measure If you look, you’ll find the answers, As the sun shines on your face, You will find, peace love & laughter, On the cold in winters day, If you seek inside your heart, You will find the answers there, If you, stare at the mirror, You will find real meaning there. Cords—4 count measure If you’ve, ever seen the laughter, of a new born child, If you’re looking for some answers, when, your world has come undone, If you seek, you will find it, From the darkness to the light, You will find, all your answers, in the bright morning light. If you seek it, you all find it, Only you can find the place, If you’re looking for some answers, take a look upon your face, When you gaze upon the mirror, if your looking for a sign, you can find all your answers, as the truth can never hide, The answer, is not tomorrow, If the problem is today, If you seek it, you all find it, Only you can find the place, Cords—4 count measure Repeat Cords—4 count measure Solo Written by, Everett C Borders Jr. Ph.D. 5/16/2014

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