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Dear Winter (feat. Fatima)

Album: Dear Winter (feat. Fatima) - Single






Dear Winter is a reminiscing love story filled with passion and lust. The song is metaphorically used to depict two young lovers and the feelings their love brings during the cold sorrowful months. Hoping their love stays the same and never to change like the seasons.

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[ Verse 1: Say'hu ] Uh Dear winter, so long we been together On the wrong path, though we tried to save each other You made feel so cool the same night I met ya Middle of December, I hope you remember When the nights so long, and the days go faster And how you blow trees, and you never wanna pass her Things fall, you sprung, and then came right after So I never miss her, like I live in Alaska I turn around and ask her, why you so damn cold? Negative like a bank account, you so damn broke Temperatures over drafting, why you so damn low? Man you been here for the longest and you still won’t go We sit around the fire place at the night time Reminisce on old days, the past times And you mesmerize me with your attitude I ain't scared to admit that I’m in love with you [ Hook: Fatima ] Love you've been on my mind I think about you more in the winter time Your love keeps me warm, though it's cold outside So i'mma hold you down till the end of time Boy you've been on my mind I think about you more in the winter time The seasons change, but our love stay the same Together we'll remain till the end of our days [ Verse: Say'hu ] I’m painting pictures with words like you so real Reaching out to every part, for a better feel Out of Towner’s barely get you, so they hate you still When I met you, you were single like a dollar bill Lotta niggas hunted for you, but they never kill Playing tricks with your mind, but I never will You're so white, I’m so black, but we're together still (huh) Othello met snow white with no wedding ring If night and day fornicate, you gon see the stars in it So if we have a baby, it better be light skinned The first little me I'mma treat him like a king Or a queen like her mom, if it turns to be a she Definition of great how you embody yourself Hell of a weight, but I love the way you carry yourself Went from lost in this world to finding yourself Yea you did it bravo, applaud yourself, Yo [ Hook:Fatima ] [ Verse: Say'hu ] Dear winter here's a couple words for you Try to open up to people who got love for you Life's a journey; a lot is bestowed on you When you’re lost, take a pause for the cause for you Misinterpret the definition of high school Next thing I saw her by the corner getting high too Damn, how dumb is you? You and them other girls standing right next to you Yo, I'm having good bad feeling I ain't felt before In the garden of Eden where love galores When I try to pull away something pulls me back It's like a never ending fight in this tug of war Overtime I glamorously feel the allure Of emotions over flowing until they pour Stressing over someone you dearly adore I know it sucks, true talk, but I still want more [ Bridge: Fatima ] Strolling in the park Watching winter turn to spring Yeah [ Hook: Fatima ]

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