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Ready to Rise

Album: TNA 4
To No Avail






Ready to Rise Verse 1 Sick to my stomach now My fate is sinking in It's about to begin Condemned to the firing line There's still too much to unwind My purpose feeds your design? Foresight to a land unknown Where this evil's cover is blown Take me there to repel at the drop zone Verse 2 It's about to begin Hang me up for the crows to find Well I am much too strong for you this time Turn around run back to your kind Chorus Falling down...I took a shot through the heart no one here should survive Battle cry...Who would have thought I would be this alive No, not right now it's not time...There is no one here that will steal my fire The big surprise...You may have thought that I closed my eyes but I've been awakened, I'm ready to rise Bridge You thought you could Take me for all I'm worth You can do your worst I will not back down I still remember the crown Evil can find me where I am at But I will not back down I will rise in your loving name to the glorious sound I believe in love today It will save me here I am in awe and limitless Love will save me here

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