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Stay A While

Album: Surfacing
Another Astronaut






Manny De La Cruz's debut. Very bubbly mushy love song.

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[Verse 1] Each time I call you at night. I hear your voice so sweet and bright. I only wish you could be under the covers with me roll around for hours on end in bed from 10 to 10 doing nothing at all [Pre-chorus] up all night together lost track of time don't need a destination we'll be just fine forgetting everything we've ever had to do 'cuz I'd give anything for one more night with you [Chorus] So stay and don't go you know it's been a while [know it's been a while] and don't leave me alone tonight we'll lay in bed 'till light 'cuz you're the only thing I ever did right [Verse 2] This isn't just the same old story this is one of morning glory waking up intertwined at half passed two such a shame i work today you say i work my life away the only reason that i work is to spoil you I promise this is the real thing you know you're more than just a fling this is forever and I hope you know its true [Pre-chorus] [Chorus x2]

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