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Gone Madd

Album: PPV
Zaya Daens




Alternative Hip-Hop


Its time that we teach the youth because this generation has gone madd.

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I might be a little insane cause a nigga done I dont trust no bitch And i fear no man cause a nigga done Test me if you want g Blame ya girl cause she text me you done I dont give a damn nigga gotta show me cause a nigga done I done gone madd, fuck with me and its all bad Humble dude i try not to brag Tell the pigs that im broke aint shit in the bag They gone search any way anticipated on it Thats why my bitch keep the banga In case any bitch nigga want it I swear i need to be committed cause im So damn sick in the head i done Mind fucked a bitch cause im well equipped She cant handle this shit she done Life aint fair so i dont care and thats the reason why ive Fuck with me ill leave you paralyzed now my fans think that i've Monkey ass niggas so curious They wanna know if im serious The shit may be contagious And my team know it aint no cure for this Cant be deaf cause im hearing shit My team got my back I aint fearing shit I done did the time I done did the crime So I aint bout none of that hearing shit You really dont want it with me You really dont wanna see the team Naaawwww Me and my niggas crazy 14 with a pistol damn ain't got no cents he done He got positive role models and encouragement he still The streets got a hold of em now he You can't tell him shit he just tryna get rich for the money he done You wanna know why the youth gone Cause your youth gone So you dont give a damn what the youth on You dont even see where the youth going And when you gone its gone keep going on History repeats itself and you to blind to see the wrong Its time that we teach the youth cause this generation has They dont even fight no more they quick to shoot cause they done Aint shit cool bout going to jail, if you think it is you done You gotta lock out, cant cover up, you gotta pay to stay now you See this is real life You cant redo this life twice You cant redo this life at all Auto play No pause I cant even lie It seem like the youth is just moving in fast forward Shooting each other instead of just practicing shots off the backboard They done gone madd They done gone madd Mother fucker they gone madd Me and my niggas crazy

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