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Da Only One

Album: Another Day In Da Booth




R & B


"Da Only One" By: Styxs -Hook-"C&S" I Think about you 3veryday Your the only one for Me -Verse- your the one for me, your the gurl I wanna be with' you Rock your body like a boat, your pussy makes me Sea Sick' I love when Dat Shyt ova floats, It happens when I eat It' you like It when Im take'n Strokes, but love It when I beat It' your body Is a Secret that my body only knows' & Ima hold that Secret til my Body gets cold' I love the way you keep it I'm talk'n bout the pose' that you be hold'n for me when Im digg'n for your gold' I like to do It fast cuz make'n love Is kinda Slow, I bet that Im the only Nigga that can giva go' when Im fully In It you be curl'n up your toes' [R], when I say Im finish you be Begg'n me for Mo' your some'n like pro & Im Some'n like G.I Joe because my body's harder than a Solid Stripper Pole' gurl Ima Do what 3va you tell me & dats for sho' but only when Im please'n you Just had to let you know' -Hook-"C&S" I Think about you 3veryday Your the only one for Meh -Verse II- If you teach me I would follow' make me Stronger I No longer wanna Bring you Sorrow' want you to show me love {but I can't learn It by tomorrow' I wanna buy you things from Diamonds Rings to Murcilargos' My heart use to be halo but you filled It up with love' Now your the only gurl that I am always thinking of' I wanna give you hugs {3ven when we are ova the phone' want you to be the only one {That I am make'n Moan This house Isn't a home {when eva you leave me alone' That's why Im begg'n you to Stay but It's okay Im grown' gurl Ima be alright because tonight Im gonna Zone' all da way out, when Im smoke'n This Capone' after this Jay, gurl Ima be okay' you know Im gonna Miss you I would Kiss If you Stay But If you gotta leave Just promise me you would be Safe Before I let you go there Is Something I gotta Say -Hook-"C&S" I Think about you 3veryday Your the only one for Meh

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