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So Much For Love ©




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


She used to send me all those cute cards with the lipstick on the back she'd call ten times a day to say I love you in french I was so much in love I looked like I had a disease when she called up to say good-bye in Brooklynese So much for love her best sweaters a rag in my trunk so much for love the whole thing just lasted a couple of months all the songs say you cat go on well that wasn't quite how it was But even though I know she doesn't think of me sometimes I think of her She used to whisper your the one in my ear while she was combing my hair she said my stars were good she told me what to wear I was so much in love I couldn't help playing the fool When she went on to say That she met this guy at school so much for love you don't know what you've got till its gone so much for love the more you struggle the faster you drown all the songs say that your going to cry But I wasn't crying not me in a couple of weeks i found someone new and forgot all about her you see We were fooling around in the back seat the sweater came off but she had to go in she broke a nail getting out of the car ran up the stairs and i never saw her again I tried to reach her night and day, her mother said she's not home till she got tired of me and she creamed "leave us alone" I was so much in love I showed up at her office in town They said she'd call the cops if I kept hanging around So much for love her best sweaters a rag in my trunk so much for love the stuff of a song the songwriter made up?... but one day a new love may ask you tell me what your thinking of and even the you'll say oh nothing at all, the truth is your thinking of her change the subject, so much for love

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