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Road Trippin




First single from the upcoming EP titled "EPisodes." Song is produced by Mazik Beats. Video is shot by Patrick Albright

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(Hook) I got a couple bottles I could pour, u wit it? got a few swishers can u roll, is u with it. Got a full tank and I think before I navigate ya body, u can take me out and explore ya city Cuz girl I'm only here in ya town 4 the nite. With no time to waste, so we gotta move fast. And since it ain't no promise in tomorrow, I say we should take the nite and live it up like the mufuggin last (I'm just sayin) What it is shawty, what it do lady. I'm just tryna see what's up with me and you baby. One of them trips to one of them big cities I'm booked to do a venue and show em I gets busy I - Hit the stage, do my thang, politic a minute Still early, tryna c what else that I can get in And homie hip me to a spot close to where we at Said tonight he know it's poppin with hella bad Chicks up in there and they be thick up in there And not just the crowd, I mean thick up in there I'm like yeaahh...that's my type of atmosphere Next move is to go and see what's happening there Find myself kickin flav with this pretty young thang Body like a mustang....we must hang Say she could tell from my accent that I ain't from around And then proceeds to ask me what brings me to town I told her I was just visitin for some business ain't - mentioning the music That's just how I like to do it Even though I'm hella ill with the rhyme Tellin chicks I'm an artist, to me is just a corny pick up line So we - continued gettin to know each other a lil better Decided we should leave the club and get in whatever Cuz I'm have to hit the road in the am And I'm trying to make sure that I really enjoy my stay here Gave me a smile like "I got u boo." Grab me and said "lets go. We got a lot to do" Told her friends she'd get up , she gon ride with me Gave her the keys and told her gon take the driver's seat She told me - "buckle up, it's bout to be a wild ride." Gon flip this town upside down, i'm the pile driver While ridin, I'm checking out attractions Shorty grab my hand and put it in her lap and said I'm kinda feeling u, was hoping u could feel me too That nice gesture let me know let me know just what it really do So now I'm touching her spot, she said getting her hot She starts swervin a lot, I said we really should park She said we really should not, let's just enjoy the thrill The night is bringing us life, let's enjoy the kill While we can still, plus ya hand feel damn good where it at, I never had it wet as that Dammit Nix I'm finna splash, not knowing she hit the gas let out a moan, I grab the wheel too late, we finna crash

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