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Album: A Stadium Silence
The Siege Perilous




Alt. Rock


Maybe I don't want your honor Baby its a big bright world and I won't let you down Maybe we don't have to do this Someone batter up, not too late to turn around Keep your arms down low, and your expectations lower You think you've got a piece of my heart Let's just make it out of the dark What's in your firecell? What's in your bugroom? Who do you turn to anymore? A stadium silence Save me from the clouds above us Even in the dark, the sun comes back around Maybe I can't make you falter Standing on the edge of fear to tear it down It's a warring world in desperate times All the glory goes to the broken eyes And I've had my share of the hardest kind but it's been so long And it's taken me almost seven years Just to write these words, facing all my fears In an empty room just the two of us Can you stand it, can you stand it And in a savage land, under your command Your rules to restrain, my soul to take Illuminate or dominate, Submit or serve, that's the only way Rest assured Your plan did work I stand here quoted Like a bible verse I solemnly swear I am on to you But it's been so long But it's been so long... I'm not afraid of you

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