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"Gettin Mine"




Infamous AE "Getting Mine" 2012 Self-Produced in Boise,ID.

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This ones for the fans that'll dance to the jam in the club when they raise hands Step up in this bitch and and I dont say shit cause everybody know who the fuck I am Do it for a Boss - Tax right off - Jeans sag low so my ass shows off Take that shot - Take that off - I could take you back stage and break you off Got my lobes on froze from the carrots - I see the way you starring Minds undressing what you wearing we should make a tap-one-night in paris Dont let me into my zone chronic smoke roll out the window Probably dancing at the Bistro on like 5 or 6 of dem hoes Shit im down to roll - n lets go - I Got these 10 10 on your titties gotta make music for my city all of my peoples coming with me- Im fresh to death and im getting mine - I throw money in the air like a gang sign On a fly life track I stay high and I still Work so hard dont waste time Im Getting Mine so proper - dont let me next to your daughter No time to mess with them suckas - either they gone hate or they gone love ya Eurry I chase dreams - and they aint know bout T streets They Cant compete cause im obsolete - Infamous AE I eat the beat Thats why Look When I come around your chick on me she shake that thang like a tamborine she text me - so I hit that - then bounced out like a trampoline lm getting mine Racks in my jeans most all dont know what that means Dont look at me like who am I Bitch where the fuck my colli greens Im getting mine eurrry day - Ball hard eurrry way Im all work no play - you scared go to church on sunday Make em jump like a mother fucking fade away Make it Rain so hard it wont go away - In the studio grinding like game day so MOVE BITCH get out my way I roll with the dimes that so fine - so young and live for the moment Take a blunt rip then I hold it - still know exactly where im going Stacks so big that I cant fold it - 10 rubber bands on the racks to hold it Everywhere I go they notice - all you hating mother fuckers all know this Bitches know im fresh to death y ou better keep your cannons focused Cashing large amounts of checks - and I aint about to Blow it Once I take em back to the crip I make em drop the top like otis Try and take me out - shit go fish - its about time that you noticed that Im

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