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Album: Adjustments, Pt. 3
Color Theory




Synth Pop


As a teenager, I was fascinated with astral projection, otherwise known as an “out of body experience” or OBE. I read and re-read an autobiography called Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe, and truly believed that his adventures were real. Years later, I found out he was sniffing paint thinner at the time. Ah, heroes. Listen closely after the second chorus, and you’ll hear my pulse quicken as my soul separates from my body!

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Grew up absorbed in New Age schemes Astral projection and lucid dreams Believing every word I read How you could leave your body in your bed and Explore the world invisibly Just think of all the things that you could see The answer key, the locker room Turns out the book author was sniffing glue, but Being with you is an out of body experience There's a buzz in my head And a vague sense of dread Then the vibrations start And I'm coming apart Paralyzed locked in place As I'm floating through space Unconfined yet connected to you Tried a few times to no avail Before I let go of paranormal fairy tales I'd breathe so fast I'd sweat and shake Probably started to hallucinate I never thought I'd relive that thrill Like drinking caffeine with a sleeping pill But here you are and now it's back Between a coma and a heart attack.

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