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Album: Back From The Future
Young Duece






(Chorus) They've been waitin', Some steady hatin', Why they debatin'? Man I don't really understand, They can't do it like I can (4x) I know you're watchin', They wanna stop them, But that's impossible, We keep it movin' to the end, They can't do it like I can (4x) Verse 1 (Flow) And they know me, Same ol dude, same ol G, I make my moves, stay low key, Care less if another wanna hate on me, I do what I do so graciously, Your mazes ain't amazin' me, I got a new agenda, winner's circle where my stable be, So watch us as we take the game and keep the losers down, I leave my food around, For when my crew's around, Keep an eye on who's around and everybody you surround, Some wanna play you funny, They're thinking you're a clown, We all want number one, but there's too many teams, They'll come and take you out, If you're gettin' too many rings, But I'm still stocking, like Sonic, I keep it runnin', like engines, You're getting gassed, and your friends just keep on pumpin', Ain't it somethin'? No matter what, there's someone who don't know you, Never met you, disrespect you, And they sure don't care to let you be, Especially the special needs, lames with the extra E's, That I don't even care to please, Gone and leave a message, "beep" (Chorus) Verse 2 (PJ) I do me, nobody does cause I do it better, I go my hardest, make others sound retarded, Regardless of what they create, and put into the market, Artists say that they're hungry, I feel like I am starving, So, I keep on doing me, exactly what I told you so, You think I would just lie to you? Forget what yall done heard before, The truth is just so versatile, I keep moving up, so vertical, The things I do are impossible, So I am too preservable, I'm M.I.A., these papers planes can't get to me with herbal, Quit all these rhyming words, it's time to get the realness, On that bull? I guess Pippen wasn't feelin' it, Well... I guess it's time to be the realest then, Every since a little kid, lames wanna see me fail, Never seen my dreams big, So I had to show and tell, And let the whole World know... I'm not coming to America, I'm coming on to it, and letting my soul glow (Chorus)

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