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Sweet Carline

Album: The Storm in Our Head
Kathleen Dunbar




Americana / Alt Country


This is the song of love gone wrong times two!

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Sweet Carline By Kathleen Dunbar Copyrighted by Kathleen Dunbar his shirt was red, his shirt was red I saw that shirt when he was dead but he took off that shirt when he lay with Carline in her bed, uh-huh he broke the window, he broke that glass he fell right out the window, he run fast he could not run fast enough Carline’s man he caught him up at last, uh-huh the gun was black as a devil’s back had an old long barrel, the gun was black when you shoots a man uh-huh you never can take it back, uh-huh INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS he fell in the field by the apple tree apples fell down on him when she found her man, Sweet Carline she wept upon her knees, uh-huh them dogs’ll bite, them dogs’ll bite they set those dogs on him that night when they caught him up, the chain they had for him it held him tight, uh-huh in Johnson City, where trouble’s been you can find her lover and her man in the old graveyard you can hear them both call out for Sweet Carline, uh-huh INSTRUMENTAL CHORUS lord lord, this life is hard bide your time with me till the moon go dark then take you a little candle, yeah, and make you a little spark, uh-huh I’m gonna dream, I’m gonna dream they won’t let me be when I dream well you know my name, my name is Sweet Carline, uh-huh

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