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Burnin' Rubber

Album: N/A
Tay Humphrey






Burnin' Rubber is one of the first songs I wrote when I moved to Nashville. he song lyrically speaks for itself.

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I got my daddy's boots, his cowboy hat, everything I own, is strapped to my back, I got whiskey, and a whole lot of time, going two miles an hour toward the mason-dixon line, (chorus) I was born to be a rambler, there's no tying me down, I don't need no white collar bossin me around, I'm a roughneck rider who don't play by the rules, burnin' rubber, burnin' rubber in my daddy's shoes. (verse 2) I aint got no woman, I aint got no job, I'm getting pretty damn good at getting gone, I've got a pocket full of dreams in my daddy's flask, theres no stoppin me lord, no theres no lookin back (repeat chorus x2)

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