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Sweet Little Something

Album: Your Last War
Heather Green






i’m not a superstar, i’m not a Hollywood actor i’m not a big name famous face that they name street after my mother didn’t come from old money or royal blood no, no, no i’m not a rocketman, i’m not a college professor i’ve never won a noble prize and i probably won’t ever the only thing my father left behind is this guitar and these green eyes yeah, yeah, yeah prechorus: but you, you see something in me and i, i can’t help but believe CHORUS: that this little known nothing’s gotta sweet little something in the love that i make with you, yeah yeah yeah (repeat) (x3 end of song) i’m not a gamblin’ man, ain’t got no lucky streak even if i had a winning hand, my face would tell on me so ante up ante up all you want no pot could compare to what i’ve got no, no, no prechorus CHORUS thank you life, thank you love thank you for all this empty space, thank you for filling it all up

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