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James Jones ft Remi Desroques - Across the water - April '11

Album: Wave Reader Compilation 2011
Remi Desroques






James Jones ft Remi D - Across the water Artist: James Jones(Canada) Title: Across the Water Lyrics: James Jones & Jack Connolly Guitars: Yuji Kasai Lenght: 4:48 Composed by James Jones Produced, recorded, mixed and arranged by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions

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I couldn’t give you all I had to give The love you want, and the life you want to live It’s ok, I’ll find a way Across the water You said you’re leaving You couldn’t take it anymore That I should find out, what it is I’m looking for That I am aimless drifting with the tide And love is not enough to keep you by my side It’s ok, I’ll find a way Across the water ----------------------- You said you stopped believing You’d been with someone else Cause I had stopped believing in myself ----------------- You will never know how much I really hurt that night I couldn’t even find a single word to say But being by myself I realized That you were right I’ll find a way Find a way I’ll find a way Find a way Across the water I stand alone, looking out into the night The ocean sparkles under pale city lights I’ve been standing on the stoney bank forever And love was not enough to keep us here together It’s ok, I’ll find a way Across the water {Pre-chorus} {Chorus} I’m only human but Iove and illusion will help me to make it somehow {Chorus}

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