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Prairie Fire

Album: Prairie Fire
Jade Hopkins






Prairie Fire Lyrics and Music by Jade Hopkins (C) 2011 Right outside of a mid western town The August sun beats down upon the plains We all thank the Lord for these cool summer nights Here in the day we pray for rain In the pasture there's a man crying His quest for a woman is growing cold His teardrops fall into a field of fire It don't keep his blood from running cold Did a spark fly or burn Kids playing with fire Will they ever learn Did a gust bring the lightning that stretches across the sky Would love end all Kill the flame if the rain would fall And the hot wind blowing With a hearts desire is feeding the flame to this prairie fire He didn't even see it coming It never crossed his mind His mind was clearly somewhere else Back to a time when they were always together He finally realized there by himself That danged inferno that rises above him Left a mark as if to say It's all a product of the heat of passion That keeps on burning to this day

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