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Oh, Yeah!

Album: Earthshaker
Wake of Redemption






Oh, Yeah! is the first single from Wake of Redemption's upcoming debut album Earthshaker. It is also the first song ever written by the band and was a collaborative effort. Originally, the song was played at around half the tempo it currently resides at and vocals have been passed between at least three different possible singers. It was during the writing of Oh, Yeah! that Stephen's voice was discovered resulting in the decision to make him pull double duty as lead vocalist and drummer.

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VERSE 1 “Just tow the line and you’ll be fine…” That’s what you keep on pushin’ Don’t rock the boat for hope it floats— Peace is a river, yeah! Well that’s not tact, just part of your act, now It’s time you own up to me... CHORUS Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! VERSE 2 You seem surprised that I’ve got eyes I see what you’re doin’ You’re taken aback, because I’ve attacked – yeah! I’m not to be your mushroom, baby! The water’s changin’, things rearrangin’ My will’s the stronger now… CHORUS

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