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Bridge the Divide

Album: Waiting to Burn OUt (Coming Jan.10, 2017)
Pollys in the Stars




Alt. Rock


A patriotic/hopeful anthem is PITS 3rd release for their forthcoming album Waiting to Burn OUt (Jan 10 2017).

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Bridge the Divide Words and Music By Paul M. Perez Chr: In the Night we will bridge the divide. And we’ll fight, against the third Reich. In the light we will open our eyes. We won’t cry we’ll just bridge this divide. In the night, never “Gentle to the night.” Vrs: I’ll always want to be and I’ll never want to leave. I promise I will stand in front of any man. I’ve always been so free something some will never see. And those who bled for me have given me reprieve. Yes, I promise I will stand in front of any man. Prechr: I sit here every night and I begin to wonder is this really all there fucking is or will we ever be better? I don’t know.

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