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Leave Me Alone

Album: Fast Food






First Single off of the Fast Food mixtape original material arranged and written by JNan

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Hook I wish these niggaz would leave me alone Tell they bitches stop calling my phone I know I'm winning but I'm in my zone Couple ounces of the sticky and We Good to Go I can't Do nothing for yo demo bitch What you think niggaz wakeup and just do this shit Huh It takes time to learn how to ball Seven days out the week bitch we do them all 1st verse Four deep in that Tahoe Four deep in that Benz Four deep in that classic now we twelve deep in that bitch Coped that small booth in the back for them haters talking that shit Copped that big booth in the front so they know we up in this bitch I got that LCD on My bracelet Boy that shit that shit is tight Still got that UGK in My tape deck boy that shit that shit for Life Still got that Chevy sitting on threes only square up in my circle Got that Oprah up in my swisher bitch you know the color is purple Bitch I'm branded like Costco big jewels Osco Riding round in that waffle with chicken roscoe Still counting my ends all off of My O's Still repping this $wala shit I stay chuuchn these hoes Here We Go Here We Go Hook 2nd Verse 1st We hustled outta them coupes Then we hustled outta them vans Now we hustle outta them trucks and bitch I'm off the wall in these Vans I be laying low in that high-rise Bad bitch in her knee highs Still sipping that Nehi Louie belt on My Levi's I just Do it I Do it till they hate it U should see me in the club I be acting like Famous I'm like Malcolm when he Theo My whole team is getting paper Got my section guarded off like He already think He made it Hell yeah And I be pulling up on them pancakes Leaning off of that syrup Pepsi blue on My 74 hit the gas and burp I be satteliting that wifi like how high am I fina get That Meth Man that Red Man that How High unrated disc I'm cold await a bitch I'm cold I aint even signed yet and I'm doing it like I'm on They aint sold yet and them niggaz is getting old I aint even rolled yet and they saying I'm finna blow Here We Go Here We Go Hook

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