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Parent Me

Album: City Lights






This songs addresses the global issue of parenting.

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Verse 1 I know your working and I appreciate your grind/ You get me everything I need but what I really want is time/ I must confess it's hard to express how I'm feeling/ But I'm growing blocks of bitterness quickly becoming buildings/ Listen Your never home/ To the point that I don't notice when your gone/ I'm getting older but I'm growing all alone/ Question How can you raise me without even knowing me/ See everything I do is just to get you to notice me/ Do u realize your a great influence in my life/ And your absence just might be what's ruining my life/ I got questions but we don't talk on a usual/ My friends are having sex and I'm wondering should I do it too/ Were do I go to if you are never there/ And if u never ask will you ever be aware/ You say u care for me/ You don't get it apparently/ I'm young & just a child I need my parent to parent me/ Chorus Look at my life look at my pain look at my tears the tears Ive shed/ I felt so alone with nobody to talk to cause all the days that I spent without you/ Its like your here but your gone/ Yea your here but your gone/ Its like your here but your gone/ yea your yea gone your gone gone away/ Verse 2 I know your hustling I see you on your grind/ U get me everything I need But I really want your time/ I stay in fresh J's laced in new gear/ But I'd trade it all if Id only have you here/ I smell the dodie you blowing cause it be so potent/ Ohh yea I noticed what you don't think i'm going to gone & smoke it/ I see your love for the streets & I want that love too/ Taught me to be hard but rarely tell me I love you/ Moms be mad she always be talking bad about you/ But honestly dad I don't think I'll become a man without you And she be gone matter of fact she never home/ She clubbing or working I'm living like I'm already grown/ I got a place to stay & can shine at the mall/ But I'll honestly say I don't have no guidance at all/ You say you care for me you don't know I can barely read/ I'm young & just a child I need my parents to parent me/ Chorus Verse 3 I know your at church & I see your love for God/ U get me everything I need but I really need your time/ Your godly life & love for people amazes me/ But tell me should the church take my mom & my dad away from me/ I'll say this simply/ You know alot spiritually/ Involved in ministry but often you don't remember me/ U teach the youth group & show them how to model & live/ But at home you've never shown me what the gospel is/ I've seen you share with those seeming direly hopeless/ Inside I cried cause we've never cracked the bible open/ And I'm feeling this pressure I don't know what to do/ U know what it's like to be the only Christian in your school/ I bump that 1-1-6 they tell to live unashamed/ But that's hard when those around you on another thang/ U study thoroughly/ Bur don't get it apparently/ I'm a babe in the faith I need my parents to parent me/

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