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Album: Blood, Pain & Ink






Despite the ups and downs of life some people stick with you through thick and thin, this is often called true love. Weatherman is a powerful ballad that explores these themes with a catchy and melodic hook.

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Did you ever hear the radio warnings Weather man reporting there's a new storm around A little high pressure in a overhead circle, spiraling down Now the sky's descending And waters running through the roof of our caravan We've got this old rain catcher Sitting outside but it don't matter Hope it rains all day But if it pours the rest of the year I’ll bring the dogs in Blame it all on the weatherman If it moves away to a dry place where we can't stay We'll keep on searching through the night for a dry town Blame it all on the weatherman Searching for a boat out somewhere Or a life vest sinking in the sand The banks are overflowing And the rivers are rising to high ground When the morning comes And if the downpour floods out our dry land We'll build a bridge back home Make it on back just us alone blame it all on the weather man

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