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BZ (and Ané) ft Remi Desroques - Hip-hop is Underground - May '11

Album: Monthly Tune Compilation 2011
Remi Desroques






BZ and Ané ft Remi D. - Hip-hop is Underground - May '11 Artist: BZ feat Ané (Cape Town South Africa) Title: Hip-Hop is Underground Lyrics: BZ Beat: Remi Desroques Lenght: 3:58 Composed by Remi Desroques Produced, mixed and arranged by Remi Desroques at Wave Reader Productions - BZ's youtube page for more info on da man:

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Intro: Today it almost feels like you gotta be corny to sell albums, so let me expose these phoneys. I’m a go Muhammed Ali on their asses’ man. My flow will fly like a butterfly; my words will sting like a bee Verse1: Hip hop’s dejected infected by money fiends Money schemes to get their honeys cream Mommy please get them out their sunny dreams Wake up you rape us it’s not funny geeze Put a monkey or a chimpanzee behind the beat It kind of seems they spit better lines at least We can’t find no three syllable rhymes we seek Its time to flee when you spit it’s a crime to me Try to see that I can see through you Screw you don’t respect the art do you? Cookoo acting tough and buff like girls in tutus Ya shoot through in the business I witness it like who you? Can’t be this slacker lack it whacker than a pansy Ya faggot rappers making racquet just harass me Mad at gadgets(autotune) making whack shit it’s not fancy Don’t act it dammit faking happens when ya rap see Chorus: Hip Hop aint lost It’s underground It’s underground The surface is worthless It gets me down It lets me frown X2 Verse 2: The mainstream violated us I hear thunder now That’s Hip Hop it migrated us to the underground I just chundered now our wordplay is infectious Cats selling millions I wane curse they don’t get this Wreck less metaphors their endless get a cause Ya horrendous forget applause can’t defend this ya hella lost Check this get on course ya skill is of the radar Ya feel as soft as stay soft get real lay of the gay star Image stay R restricted rap about sick shit Like ya stabbed six kids don’t act like a dick bitch Don’t brag that ya rich prick a.k.a. puppet on a string Controlled by ya label when ya able to chuck it but ya thing Is to say I love it the bling fortune and fame It cost you the game the respect can’t you pause and refrain Climb off ya train those tracks takes you to a place called whack Fall back give our light back leave our tall stacks Ya no tight cats ya wimp shit makes my ears bleed It breaks my earpiece ya rap great no really Wait I’m on beer see I’ll make you fear me Tape ya to my rear seat shame you’re weary Hey got a query are you gay or queer g’s We’re gay no theory I hate you fiercely I climbed out coz my car shakes quakes you seriously Can’t enter ya mates gates ya fakes hear me! Chorus: Hip Hop aint lost It’s underground It’s underground The surface is worthless It gets me down It lets me frown X2 Outro: If ya wack then leave Ya just act deceive I top that in my sleep Coz ya crap believe x2 Dismantle these assholes agreed

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