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In My Soul






This thing called love is it what you're thinking of? Is it how it makes you feel when you're dreaming from above? Is it deep inside like a feeling you cant hide? Does it comfort you in times of need with its arms held open wide? CHORUS I need to know "Cause I can't find that feeling that they say will only grow. I can't let go It's got to be a part of me deep inside my soul. Those who seem so sure must have found something so pure Transforming both their heart and mind, now can this be a cure? I've been around and it's only brought me down There's got to be some meaning here waiting to be found. ( CHORUS) This thing called love is it something from above? Can it find this heart of mine if it's what I'm thinking of? I've been this way so long I feel there's something wrong I need to find my peace of mind to keep me holding on (CHORUS)

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