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Little Thumb

Album: Ugly Fairy Tales
Ugly God Bastards




By their 1st album “Ugly Fairy Tales”, Ugly God Bastards introduce their Ugly Cynical Philosophy of what they call “Reversal” or the aim to reverse all the values of the so-called Modern Society. Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Amazon Music:

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The youngest son of the woodcutter was so small, he was born no bigger than one's thumb The poor child bore the blame of everything went wrong in the house, but he was the wisest of all seven brothers When Little Thumb and his brothers were left alone in the thick dark forest they were totally lost The ogre’s wife hosted them but they were found by her terrifying hungry husband the evil ogre A smell of flesh the ogre sniffed all around, Tender, young, fresh meet, the smell went to his head My head is spinning Feed these children so they don't get too thin and make them sleep and I will slaughter them tomorrow! But Little Thumb was so sly to exchange all their caps with the seven golden crowns of the ogre's daughters And he came with a knife at midnight... and cut ...and cut ...and cut What have I done! He cried watching his daughters with their throats cut and lying in their own blood Blinded by hate he wore his black boots and ran with all his strength, those wretches shall soon pay for this ...Now I need to rest The ogre was tired and fell asleep, then the brothers came and Little Thumb took the knife from his hand He stuffed it straight into his heart, then cut his corpse into so many tiny pieces which could help to mark the trail. So they went back to the ogress to finish their bloody job

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