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Album: The Astronot
Pennan Brae






Crashland is the lead single from The Astronot soundtrack. The album accompanies The Astronot film.

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I walk you talk Retreat defeat Creepin’ to the edge Leanin’ ‘gainst the ledge Peering down below On my tippy tippy toes I freefall for you From the sky My pulse is racin’ Do or die Air’s wearing tearing Against my skin Hallucinatin’ An illusion Crashland I’m gonna hang 10 Gotta pretend That I’ll be alright Crashland I’m gonna time bend I need a good friend To make the night Crashland I’m gonna vibe send I need a soul mend To see the light Crashland I’m gonna get zen I gotta change trend I’ll take flight I move you groove Pretend befriend Then I take the plunge Desperation lunge Falling in a dream To a bottomless ravine Rip cord is tearing From my hand The countdown’s started To the end In a manic panic My heart pounds Hopes fading at the Speed of sound Spinning and gyrating Blackin’ while gravitatin’ In a deadspin viral spiral Vertigo a running wild Twistin & a tumblin’ Lightning rippin thunder rumblin’ Revolving & rotatin’ Out of body levitatin’

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