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Album: Dance Floored
Gas Station Disco




Alt. Rock


A song about going on the town.

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Dancefloor by Gas Station Disco Verse: Microphone Check Check 1 2 3 Start of the weekend You know where I’m gonna be Favorite Shirts in the dryer I got my new chucks on And I’m not coming home til my money’s all gone Pre Chorus Gonna paint this town tonight black and yellow blue and white Living out our fantasy Cause you’ll know where to find me Chorus: Meet me tonight on the dancefloor You be the match / I’ll start the fire Meet me tonight on the dancefloor I'll put my moves down / I'll take you higher So tonight I’ll be your world And tonight you’ll be my girl Meet me tonight on the dancefloor Our bodies collide / No words are required Verse 2: Sipping on a 40 Til 6 in the morning (6 in the morning) Hot girl in a black dress you came without a warning Back to my bedroom to the window to the wall When the lights go down the cloths are gonna fall Pre-Chorus: Put your body against me / I wanna feel your heart beat My body is your fantasy / I like when you undress me Chorus: Rap: They call me biggitybug I got the sweet sounds feelin like a street drug Want a hug glide to the floor Rob & Jay will make your body scream more Champagne & Caviar Cigars that’s where we are 5 stars come out come out where ever you are? I’ll make you melt like a hershey bar Oh Snap! Here we are ...are ....are Dubstep: Chorus Out!

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