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Hardcore Hillbilly

Album: Who I Am
Iaian Thompson




I've been tryin' to write this song for about a year now. It's finally finished and sounds great! Listen to it. That'll give you a clue as to what it's about.

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Old ball cap Black t-shirt Hands that say I aint affraid of work Foul mouth slang comin' out of my mouth Country music crankin' good and loud I've gotta bunch of good friends and a case of cold beer if you're lookin' for a good time it happens all year out in the hollers, and the cricks and on the floors of the honkey tonk bars racin' old trans ams down on old dirt track fishin' with a string from a river bank and boys let me tell you 'bout mountain pride Chorus: In a tiny town way out in the wods in the middle of a redneck neighborhood we drink beer from a wide mouth mason glass talk smack about the south I'll whoop your ass park trucks in a circle 'round a big bonfire all jacked up with big mudtires so come on y'all, holler if you hear me I'm a hardcore hillbilly V2: Pretty little girls tight blue jeans sweet as pie but known to getreal mean 'round here they like Hank and a little Vince Gill hear it echo every night all through the hills and girls all lough at them pretty boys repeat chorus

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