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The Party's Over Now I Wanna Go Home

Album: I Will Be Back Again
Buddy "Holly" Kelly






This guy wakes up feeling woozy the morning after the party and wanders around the house to see where everyone is and what they look like.

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This mornin' I awoke to the smell of incense smoke Face down on the kitchen floor next to a woman 'bout a hundred and four CHORUS:* *Eww iee what a night. Close them curtains the sun's too bright My head hurts just leave me alone The party's over now I wanna go home* Well looky there on the waterbed. Lord have mercy it's my best friend Ed. Is he dead? Nah he's still alive. I can see the blood pumpin' through the veins in his eyes. REPEAT CHORUS: In the corner by the TV set. That's my little brother Brent and he's soakin' wet He took a bath with a girl named Rose, but neither one of them thought to take off their clothes. REPEAT CHORUS: And in the closet where it's good and dark there's Angie and Karen and David and Mark And they're alright. Yeah just singin' the blues. Tappin' to the beat with a highheeled shoe REPEAT CHORUS: The last thing that I recall..We were all gettin' stoned and havin' a ball Take a hit..Pass it around..The fourteenth circle put us all on the ground REPEAT CHORUS:

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