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Nobody Wins

Album: Nobody Wins (single)
Full Turnout




Contemporary/Soft Rock


The saying "we always hurt those we love the most", can sometimes ring true in life, and lives within this song. Our differences can take on a life of their own, and couples can lose sight of what's important, and tear each other down. "Nobody Wins" a new Full Turnout release, featuring Eddie McKenna.

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“Nobody Wins” Written By Matt Krusky Verse 1: We’d stay long in the nightime talking, and hate it when our time would end. Hand in hand, precious hours walking, I struggle now to comprehend. Pre: chorus: Do you recall what this is all about? I can’t remember what started this…… Chorus: Let’s hash it out again. Can’t say this fight over. Cause were not done, i haven't won, so why should i give in. Let's drag it on again. Cause this night isn’t over. And tired eyes won’t realize that nobody wins….. Verse 2: An unshakeable love between us, was carried in the words we’d say. And the envy of all who’d seen us, so how did we end up this way. Bridge: Looking back could you ever imagine, that it could come to this…..

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