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Album: Heavens High
To No Avail




Heavy Rock


Claws Verse 1 I lift my hands up to the sky And I reach for your world These crimson roses Are black and frozen With time they fade Losing glory The end of the story Finished crusade Verse 2 I reach to the heavens as I fall Will you reach for my hand? The final hour The crumbling tower With age it falls Isolated I always evaded The beckoning call Chorus I'm tripping but running I'm drowning but swimming My heart won't stop beating I can't get your claws out of me I'm falling but flying I'm living but dying I feel death surround me I can't get your claws out of me I reach for your hand in the sky I finally met the divine Bridge Out in space, spin the world that I cannot touch Looking down to the life that I loved so much In my core I am nothing but a satellite Constant battle from the sky to remain in flight Once had a calling and a drive to reach for the sky Had a plan, still had hope with no question why Through my soul I am shown this epiphany I'm closer to the stars now in my reality I reach for the stars And I finally touch the sky I reach for your hand And I finally reached the end

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