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Album: DEMO
Larry Funk






Some folks play instruments, some call themselves "musicians" ... but SOME of us ... are consumed, obsessed, imprisoned and just downright POSSESSED by Music ... that's what this song is about!

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Guitars and Drums (And Drivin' Bass Lines) Somewhere along this strange winding road I took a turn and then I realized I'd never get back to where I was before Wouldn't matter how hard I might try Once you set one foot upon this path It's imbedded deep in your soul You'll never outrun it, you'll never hide from it It's there with you wherever you go Guitars and Drums and Drivin' Bass Lines Bouncin' around in your head all the time With pencil and paper the words start to flow Where they come from you really don't know Listening what others have written before You know some of it's born out of rage That burning desire to break through that door Conquer the demons and step on the stage Some people will tell you stop playin' this game Get on with your life, start acting your age Responsibility's callin' your name, so Put that thing down and get back in your cage It's like a sickness that's taken control Of your life and your mind and your body and soul And you've got no choice, you just have to go Wherever it takes you, wherever it wants you to go Guitars and Drums and Drivin' Bass Lines ..........

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