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Always Be A Cowboy




This song was written in honor the late great Sheb Wooley. It also can be for all of those singing cowboys that have come and gone. Written by: Eric Jerome Brodberg Published by: Eric Jerome Brodberg Publishing (BMI) All rights reserved (c) 2004

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He wasn’t weak at all, not by any means He’d take on all them outlaws one by one Roll out on the prairie, cool tall and lean Yes my friends he was Oklahoma’s son He wasn’t there for Custer’s last stand He was too busy playing with the boys in the band The Grand Ole Opry’s not the Alamo you see But he’ll always be, a cowboy to me He put his heart on paper, just to give the world a song And perform it in his wild and Wooley ways Treat you just like family, when a new face came along He would be your friend every single day (Chorus) (Instrumental) Now he’s ridin’ higher than he’s ever rode before With all his hero’s by his side When I get to heaven and walk on through that door I’ll be smilin’ when I see that cowboy ride (Chorus) (Tag)

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