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Oh Lovely

Album: From the Comfort of Your Home
Lloyd's Garage




Indie Rock


This song tells the tragic story of losing loved ones in a car crash. A man cries out in pain and rings in the chorus asking "can we rewind to a time when you were here". Although the song tells a sad story the melody is uplifting and will stick in your head.

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Down at the bottom of Coyote Hill that's where my wife and kids were a lovely car crash Jesus Christ raced from the sky He took their souls and left their bones I sat alone covered in blood I couldn't move and oh my love broken glass covered her lap my kids rag dolls in the back no cries of pain no cries for help just the sound of the pain I felt Can we rewind to a time when you were here? I couldn't cry I couldn't function I just tried to shake 'em I kissed their lips and pet their cheeks begging God to come take me It isn't right it's not their fault they are too sweet they are too young give 'em back they are not yours let 'em live love and grow old Can we rewind to a time when you were here?

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